Diana Deverell

Night on Fire

“Deverell's solid second Casey Collins novel [has] engaging narrative, gripping mystery, and wily plot twists.” (Publishers Weekly)

A State Department specialist fighting terror, Casey Collins is in Denmark to buy back Stinger missiles being sold on the black market. But a dead body deposited in her Copenhagen apartment—the apparent victim of a local turf war between rival motorcycle gangs—has suddenly placed her delicate mission in jeopardy. A lone female operative, Casey now stands exposed in the fiery blaze of a midnight sun . . . .

Night on Fire is “a thriller that grabs you by the throat and makes you come along for the ride. And with Deverell in the driver's seat, the ride is unforgettable.” (The Statesman-Journal)

Buy Night on Fire today and explore the “slippery and dangerous place where criminals, terrorists, cops, spies and diplomats collude and connive and deceive.” (Donald R. Hamilton, former Deputy Director of the State Department’s Counterterrorism Office)
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