Diana Deverell

No Place for an Honest Woman

Candor can get you killed in Cold War Poland.

The first thing junior diplomat Casey Collins must learn is to be an excellent liar. Assigned to the American embassy in Warsaw, Casey can’t lie like the Marine Security Guard who sweet-talks his way into her bed.

The deceitful jarhead dumps her and breaks the embassy's SLEEP NATO rule with a beautiful Polish woman who is herself a skillful liar.
But nobody can match the senior Polish intelligence agent who whispers to Casey that she's the only person positioned to save Americans scheduled to be blown up by terrorists working for Libya's dictator.

When Casey turns him down, the best liars of all—from her own CIA—show up to bully her into playing along.
A Macavity Award nominee acclaimed for her “sharp storytelling” (Publishers Weekly), Diana Deverell brings you a suspenseful espionage thriller, filled with Cold War intrigue and introducing a young, engaging heroine.

Buy No Place for an Honest Woman today and get a head start on the four volumes in the exciting Casey Collins international thriller series.
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