Diana Deverell

China Box

Where do you go when your spirit dies and you learn your best isn’t good enough?

Fifteen years ago, Casey Collins’s Polish lover was murdered and she lost heart for the war against terror. After 9/11, the State Department specialist knew she’d also lost her touch.

She exiled herself to tiny US embassies far from Washington, doing routine admin work that numbs her. The highlight of her day is happy hour. Nothing gets between her and her five o’clock gin and tonic.

Except the ancient spymaster limping into the American Club of Dhaka, waving his cane in her face, and telling her that her godson is falling into a Chinese honey trap.

Casey’s made it clear that she won’t try again to save the world.

But she’s loved Woody Hinton from the moment he was born thirty years ago.

She can’t deny she’s the right woman for the job.

Woody’s ruining his life in exactly the same way she ruined hers.

Can she stop him before it’s too late?

A Macavity Award finalist acclaimed for her “sharp story telling” (Publishers Weekly), Diana Deverell brings her all-too-human heroine Casey Collins back to the US and into action as “an intricate chess match of espionage, international wheeling-dealing, and love plays out in Washington and Silicon Valley.” (Reader review)

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