Diana Deverell

12 Drummers Drumming

“Chilling Suspense and heated passion—A brilliant debut.” (Barbara Parker, Edgar-finalist author of Suspicion of Innocence)

Ten years after the Lockerbie explosion, a New York-bound flight falls out of the sky over Scotland and rips a hole in Casey Collins’s heart. Her lover was on board that plane and the State Department specialist in the war on terror flies to Europe to discover who killed him.

Swiftly caught up in a twisted series of events that make her a suspect in the bombing, she becomes a fugitive whose only protection is a small band of skilled agents operating outside the law. A multi-leveled web of deception tightens around her, forcing her to rely on people she neither knows nor trusts . . . .

12 Drummers Drumming is “a thriller which will keep you on your toes . . . with a polish and flair that holds nothing back in the areas of terror, torture, and adventure, as well as in more tender worlds of love and loyalties.” (National Public Radio). “A title to add to your short list of espionage stories with female protagonists.” (Booklist)

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