Diana Deverell

Right the Wrong

For an ex-con, no prison visit is routine. When the gate in the perimeter fence slams shut behind Nora Dockson, her gut churns.

She hates the concertina wire topping the chainlinks. The black-uniformed guard eyeing her suspiciously. The petty rules dictating when and where she can stand. Sit. Breathe.

But Nora pulled herself out of the gutter and became an appeals lawyer. Her clients are behind bars and that’s where she meets them.

All are convicted felons but not all are guilty of murder. Struggling to make a broken system free the innocent, she forces herself to go back inside. Though she knows that a prison can crush the soul of anyone who enters . . . .

Right the Wrong is “an engaging legal thriller . . . in what I hope will be a long-running series.” (Stephen Campbell, CrimeFiction.FM)

A Macavity Award finalist acclaimed for “sharp storytelling” (Publishers Weekly), Diana Deverell brings you an intriguing heroine and an ongoing cast of entertaining characters in her gripping legal thrillers. Buy Right the Wrong today and enjoy the series.
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