Diana Deverell

Help Me Nora

Lawyer Nora Dockson swore to tell the truth. But will she stick to her oath when only deception can save her innocent client?

An ex-con, Nora pulled herself out of the gutter and became an appeals attorney. She works only for convicted felons, rescuing innocents trapped by the flawed process that put them behind bars.

For seven years, she’s tried to convince the court that her client didn’t kill the victim. She failed again today.

She thinks the real murderer died five years ago. Truth is powerful. How difficult can it be to dig it out?

So hard, it may cost her everything . . . .

Help Me Nora is “a compelling gritty novel. I could not put it down and found the legal background fascinating.” (Goodreads review)

A Macavity Award finalist acclaimed for “sharp storytelling” (Publishers Weekly), Diana Deverell brings you an intriguing heroine and an ongoing cast of entertaining characters in her engaging legal thrillers. Buy Help Me Nora today and start reading this “fascinating series” (CrimeFiction.FM).
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Sorrel Press
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