Sara Orwig

Comanche Passion

A warrior kidnaps a US Cavalry officer’s daughter in a novel by the USA Today-bestselling author whose “characters leap from the pages” (RT Book Reviews).
Savannah Ravenwood has just stepped off the ship in Vicksburg, smuggling morphine in her hoop skirt, when she is captured by the handsome, dark-haired Red Hawk, a powerful, half-Comanche warrior. Red Hawk needs Savannah’s help to rescue his orphaned nephew, but as they set on the mission that can cost them their lives, they find themselves surrendering their hearts—to one another.
But Savannah knows a future with a man whose only desire is to return to his Comanche people would mean abandoning her own life in Texas. Not even true love can bridge the gap between their two very different worlds. But when tragedy strikes, they discover that the only future worth fighting for is their future together…
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