Sara Orwig

Comanche Temptation

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Fate unites a cowboy and a half-Indian woman in frontier Texas, in this ';poignant, well-told tale of forbidden love' from a USA Todaybestselling author (Rendezous). Honor Roth has spent her life dreaming of only one man, a handsome cowboy named Luke McCloud. It seems unlikely someone like him could ever belong to Honor, who has grown up taunted by other children and labeled a half-breed. But one day, as her father lies on his deathbed, he makes a final plea to save their family ranch: Honor and Luke must wedin name onlyto hold the property deed until her brother, Jed Roth, comes of age and can take over. Now Honor, to her dismay, finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage. Luke, meanwhile, is on the run for a crime he did not commit. But he intends to repay the debt to his wife's father and then be gone. But first he must survive the poachers and bounty hunters that are hot on his trailand wrestle with the blazing yearning for Honor that is growing hotter in his heart…
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