Sara Orwig


A Southern woman fights to hold onto her land, and her heart, in this USA Today–bestselling author’s “incredible Civil War romance” (Affaire de Coeur).
Spirited Sophia Merrick is left to run the family farm in Tennessee after her father and brothers go off to fight for the South in the ongoing civil war. Scorning the limitations imposed on her because she’s a woman, Sophia vows to protect her family’s land from invaders. What she doesn’t anticipate are the stirrings of passion dredged up by cavalryman Caleb O’Brien, an immigrant who has vowed to fight for the South just as his forefathers fought to protect Ireland. Her resistance to his charms makes Sophia all the more alluring to Caleb—and he’s just as determined to bring her womanly passion to the surface as he is to protect her from danger . . .
“A tour-de-force novel that belongs on everyone’s must read list.” —Affaire de Coeur (five stars)
“A stirring romantic adventure that will capture your heart and imagination.” —Rendezvous
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