The Little Dictionary of Fashion, Christian Dior
Christian Dior

The Little Dictionary of Fashion

The bestselling fashion classic for both the style-conscious and the desperately in need. Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in his indispensable guide that covers everything from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace.
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Olga Kiguel
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But it is possible for a woman to be elegant without spending very much money on her clothes, if she follows the basic rules of Fashion and is careful to choose the clothes that suit her personality.
Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.
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With your personal feeling no one can do it better than you
Karen Annabel
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your personal feeling no one can do it better than you … But, be careful, one accent is enough.

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