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What do the thousands of images of bras and panties on perfectly sculpted bodies that we see spread across billboards and magazines say about our society?
Many women indulge in lingerie to please men. Yet, since antiquity, women have always kept lingerie hidden away under outer garments. Thus, lingerie must be more than erotic bait.
Authors Muriel Barbier and Shazia Boucher have researched iconography to explore the relationship of lingerie to society, revealing the economy and corridors of intimacy. They correlate lingerie with emancipation, querying whether it asserts newfound freedoms or simply adjusts to changing social values. This Mega Square book contains pictures of lingerie from the 17th to the 21st century.
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    Отвратительно составленная книга: текст - об одном, иллюстрации - о другом. Чтобы понять, как выглядел тот или другой предмет одежды, о котором идет речь, надо лезть в поисковик и искать самой. Информативность текста низкая - совсем для новичков.


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    Authorities in several countries spoke out against corset wearing. This war against the corset (the control of women’s bodies having long been associated with moral preservation) finds an echo in the women’s suffrage movement in England that sought equal rights for women.
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    Their hygienic, shaping, and aesthetic functions come together in the underwear of the 21st century.
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    Lingerie is all about being oneself and about one’s attitude. Three terms can be associated with lingerie today: refinement, seduction and comfort.

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