Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy, Lynne Graham
Lynne Graham

Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy

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An innocent… 
Tia Grayson has never known life outside the Brazilian convent she calls home. Until Max Leonelli arrives with the shocking news that she is heiress to an English fortune—and ignites a burning need for his touch…
A billionaire… 
Tia's grandfather expects a match between his protégée and his heir—but Max is not a marrying man. Until the sight of Tia's ravishing beauty has him reconsidering…
A baby? 
Max must escort Tia home, but desire soon overtakes them. After one incendiary night, the potential for consequences gives Max the perfect opportunity to claim Tia as his bride!
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Nine months of unceasing worry that would have slaughtered a lesser man

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