Lynne Graham

The Italian's Inherited Mistress

A woman’s Sicilian getaway is interrupted by a billionaire from her past in this sexy romance USA Today–bestselling author.
Yearning for a fresh start, warm-hearted Isla Stewart escapes from her oh-so-ordinary life to the Sicilian villa she’s recently—and much to her surprise—inherited! The last person she expects to meet there is Alissandru Rossetti, the unforgettable billionaire who once helicoptered into her life and changed it irrevocably with his sizzling seduction!
Alissandru wants what’s rightfully his—Isla’s inheritance. But, with the attraction between them as scorching as ever, and the intensity of their connection branded onto his memory, what Alissandru wants more is Isla . . . back in his bed!
Praise for The Italian’s Inherited Mistress
“With fun fireworks–both verbally and physically–between our hero and heroine, as well as their adventure taking them from Scotland to London and then to Sicily, The Italian’s Inherited Mistress was an exciting, entertaining romp.” —Harlequin Junkie
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    if there’s something of my uncle’s that you could borrow,’ she added, heading for the chest of drawers by the window.

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