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Sharon Kendrick

Crowned for the Prince's Heir

A prince will do anything to claim his heir in this secret baby romance by a USA Today–bestselling author.
Dress designer Lisa Bailey reluctantly broke off her relationship with Luc, knowing an affair with the prince had no future. But one last stolen encounter left her quaking with passion, drenched in desire and unexpectedly pregnant!
Months later, Prince Luciano Leonides of Mardovia is on the brink of the perfect political marriage when a news article shows Lisa with an obvious bump! His baby. With Mardovian royal blood. Now he must claim his heir at any cost. She may be an unsuitable bride but she will become his queen!
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    She remembered walking away from the funeral parlour hoping that she had found peace at last.
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    The way he could play her body as if he were playing a violin.

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