To the Edge of Shadows, Joanne Graham
    Commonwealth, Ann Patchett
    The Atomic Weight of Love, Elizabeth J. Church
    The Slaughter Man, Cassandra Parkin
    Don't You Know I Love You, Laura Bogart
    Impossible Children, Robert Yune
    The Brazilian, Rosie Millard
    How to Set Yourself on Fire, Julia Dixon Evans
    The Generation Game, Sophie Duffy
    Refuge, Dot Jackson
    Dot Jackson
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    Against the Wind, Jim Tilley
    Texas Born, Diana Palmer
    Perfect Daughter, Amanda Prowse
    Solar Plexus, Rustam Ibragimbekov
    One Last Dance, Eileen Goudge
    Pregnant by the Sheikh, Olivia Gates
    Rain Falls on Everyone, Clár Ní Chonghaile
    Like Wings, Your Hands, Elizabeth Earley
    Family Trust, Amanda Brown
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