Sara Orwig

Warrior Moon

A Kiowa man and a white woman are drawn together by passion—but distanced by distrust—in “a mesmerizing read” by the USA Today-bestselling author (Affaire de Coeur).
Vanessa’s father controls a railroad, and can summon the military with a single word—yet he cannot control his fierce and beautiful daughter. When Vanessa stumbles across a wounded Kiowa brave, she knows at first glance that this powerful warrior is a man she will fear, then heal, then love.
Lone Wolf’s land was ravished and his people were murdered by outsiders, leaving him with a searing hatred and insatiable appetite for revenge. But the moment he beholds Vanessa, he is drawn to her captivating beauty and willful spirit. But is his love for her strong enough to snuff out the fire of loathing he harbors for her people?
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