Clair Pollard


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Antecedents – Beliefs – Consequences

A = the Antecedent, trigger event or occurrence which appears to lead to an emotional reaction.

B = our Beliefs, thoughts, interpretation or evaluation of that event and its possible causes or meaning.

C = the Consequences of that way of viewing the event – our emotional or behavioural reaction to it.
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Most people wake approximately every couple of hours for a few seconds. Usually we go straight back to sleep again and may not even be aware that we have woken. Occasionally these wakeful periods can make us feel as if we have slept for less time than we actually have.
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There is some evidence that if you deprive someone of REM sleep then their next sleep will contain a higher proportion of REM sleep. It looks like the body needs this type of sleep and so if you miss out on it, your body makes up for it later.
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