Sophie Morris

Sophie Kooks Month by Month: Sophie Kooks August

‘There’s not much time left to get the barbecue out, so if it hasn’t made an appearance by August, I make sure to bring it out then, even if it’s not that warm. And let’s face it, we can’t be too picky in Ireland when it comes to weather! Barbecues are a great excuse to get some friends around at the weekend, and to pick at lots of delicious marinated meats and summer salads all day long while chatting well into the night…’ Sophie!
Taken from the fantastic cookbook by Sophie Morris, discover tips on using all the produce that is at its best in August and enjoy gorgeous August recipes, including: Crunchy BLT SaladItalian Tomato and Bread SaladLemony Plum Cake Baked Lamb with Tomatoes and AubergineSticky, Tangy Chicken WingsAlmond Baked Peaches with White Chocolate SauceBlueberry Crumble Cakes
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