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Double Trouble

Josie is an innocent college student, just trying to pay her way through school as a tutor when she gets assigned to tutor two football players. These guys have a reputation for enjoying wild parties, wild women, and all of the things that Josie detests. But when she meets them, she's instantly attracted, and she doesn't know why.

It doesn't take long for the men to make their move, and before Josie knows it, they have both made passes at her. Josie doesn't know what to do, so she does nothing, and she lets it happen. In no time at all, Ty and Aaron have introduced her to a very naughty world, and Josie just can't get enough. The men can't get enough, either, and quickly decide that they're willing to share Josie. But Josie isn't so sure about that plan.

But then tragedy strikes, and one of the men is injured. Will Josie run away, or will she give into both men and let them lead her into the sexy world of MMF alpha romance?
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