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Sex Magic Priestess

In the land of Highcrest, the royal prince has become afflicted with demonic enchantment that transforms him every night into a half-man/half- dragon hybrid. No cleric, no wizard, no person can help him it seems, until Manna, the High Priestess of nearby Pa'Lu is called upon to help. Manna practices a very particular type of magic: sex magic.
And with her spells she helps men and women in a variety of sexy ways. At first, Manna only accepts the job of helping the prince because she has never purged such a demon from a person before, but at the sight of the prince, Manna not only sees that he will be a challenge in the realm of spells, but in the realm of sex as well!
Sex Magic Priestess: The Seduction of the Prince is a new erotic fantasy that seamlessly blends high fantasy and adventure concepts with the best in erotic and adult entertainment. If you're a fan of True Blood or the works of EL James, then Sex Magic Priestess: The Seduction of the Price will weave a spell on you!
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