Helena Angel

How To Be Happy: My Child – My Friend (Positive Thinking Book)

The parents’ attitude of to the child makes the grounds of his behavior in adult life. It’s simply to prove: compare attitudes in your family and the relationship between your parents. You will find that scenarios, scenes, situation, as well as your reactions to them, are very similar. A conclusion is that children take into adulthood not what you would like them to take but just everything.

The reality we’ll have to take, whether we like it or not, is as follows: there are no proper education recipes for all advice have nothing to deal with the child's personality, behavior, family members, educators, teachers. Whatever we do, mistakes and responsibility for them will always accompany us.

The basic principles making you friends with your children are attention, respect, and support. Focus implies that the adult observing the child's behavior makes conclusions about his interests and hobbies. Respect is the recognition of the child's right to have his feelings, interests, hobbies, and wishes. Support is help and stimulation of the child's interests.

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