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A Guide to Better Management Managing Change

Change has become the constant at work, restructuring, new job responsibilities, new processes, we just seem to go from one to another. In this programme you will learn how to view change in a positive light and see it as an opportunity rather than a disruption. You will also learn how to help others to deal more positively with change so that you can all approach it far more constructively. You will be encouraged to not just manage change but to actively promote it as a more satisfying way of life.
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    Successful change management is about taking the people with you. The first person you need to take with you, is you. And once you’ve done that it becomes much easier to take others along as well. It’s emotional rather than logical, remember that if you want to manage change you need to manage the feelings that people have and acknowledge that there is a fear of loss and that it can be changed into a looking forward for gain.
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    Do notice that the trick of asking the person concerned is a very good trick. If you don’t know how to deal with their resistance and everything that you’ve tried doesn’t seem to work, well why not ask them directly? What do you think would help you to overcome your resistance to this change? What would make a difference to your attitude, what would make it easier for you to accept this change? They’re simple questions, ask them directly and you’re likely to get some useful information
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    Rather than have that happen, keep people informed, tell them that you’re thinking about making a change. Tell them that you’re considering the options for the change. Tell them that you’re about to make a decision about exactly what change you’re going to make. Tell them that you have now made that decision and tell them what it is. And then tell them what is going to happen next, how the transition will take place. Keep telling them what is happening,

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