Veronica Sloan

The Unbearable Horniness Of Aubrey

Aubrey has a problem. A very
uncomfortable problem. The girl needs to get off! Ever since coming home from
college she's felt uncharacteristically horny. Unfortunately, her attempt at a
one night stand ends in limp embarrassment. Now she's back home and writhing on her bed, hands between her legs and aching for someone to satisfy her. When her father appears in her doorway, Aubrey is too far gone to care. She wants it rough, fast, and without remorse. Too bad mommy never gives it to him like
this! This erotic tale is 17,000 words and for readers 18 and up.

Excerpt ~~~~~

Sasha tilted her sunglasses.
“Have you been seeing anyone else?”

“Uh…” How to answer that? I'd seen my father a lot since that night.

Sasha grunted. “Oh Gawd!
You called Doug!”

“No!” I laughed.
“Oh, honey, no. Doug couldn't give me what I want.”

“Oooh,” Sasha
purred. “So now you know what you want?”

Oh yeah. I just smiled and wiggled my wet hips against hers.

“Who is he?” she asked. “Someone from school?”

I shook my head. “He was older.”


“We've only done it once.”

She flashed her white teeth.
“But you really liked it.”


“You should have told
me,” she said. “We could have invited him instead of, uh,” she
snapped her fingers and looked back at the boys, “what's his name?”

“No,” I sighed.
“He's married.”

“Aubrey!” A mixture
of pride and disbelief passed over Sasha's face. It was so intense she lifted
herself off the towel, forgetting that she'd taken off her top. A sharp whistle
came at us from somewhere down the beach but Sasha reveled in it. The volleyball team erupted in applause.

With a look of unparalleled
satisfaction, Sasha laid down beside me. “Okay, seriously. You have to tell me more.”

“I've known him for a while,” I said. I was buzzing from Sasha's slutty show and got off on telling her a version of the truth. “He's always been around but I never
thought he was…into me. Actually, I'm not sure if he is into me, but that
night we just…did it.”

“Ugh,” Sasha
groaned. “I am so jealous.”

I snorted. “You and Charlie are together all the time!”

“Yeah,” she admitted. “And that's nice. He's nice. Notice how I keep saying

“I noticed.”

“Married guys are different. Every time they're with you it's like the last time, or the first
time. They know they're not supposed to do it, and that it's just a matter of time before they get caught. So they let themselves be crazy. They give you all
the nasty sex they've been saving in their heads for years.”

I thought of my father. “Yeah…” I said softly.
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