C.J. Edwards

Recruited For Milking

It had been a tough five years since I left university. Back in my native Manchester and staying at my mum’s, I was used to rejection. No proper job, no boyfriend and few friends, I had no idea what was wrong with me, I mean, I liked what I saw in the mirror and I had a piece of paper that said I was really clever! Then, out of the blue, an opportunity came up which was to change my life.

A group of wealthy men were developing a drug to make women lactate on demand. That’s worth a lot of money on the markets. Some people will pay a lot of money for fresh women’s milk. And the fact that the drug pushed the woman’s libido through the roof, makes it all the more valuable. Gorgeous young women who are gagging for sex are even more lucrative! This is the world that innocent redhead, Ellie finds herself in.

The pretty young Oxford graduate is about to start a new adventure as a willing hucow and it’s all good!

Adult Reading Material. Sexually explicit, smokin' hot erotica.
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Erotic Dreams
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