Jeff Gelb,Michael Garrett

Kiss and Kill

Sixteen tales of dread and desire by Nancy Holder, Max Allan Collins, Graham Masterton andothers reveal our deepest fantasies.
The eighth anthology in Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett’s boundary-breaking Hot Blood erotic horror series delivers sixteen thrilling tales that will leave readers tied up ever tighter, even as the stories themselves defy all restraint. Four-time Stoker winner Nancy Holder, award-winning author Graham Masterton, Shamus Award–winning and bestselling author Max Allan Collins, and award-winning author Brian Hodge are just a few of the authors who bring the Hot Blood series to new heights. Award-winning author Edward Bryant, reviewing for Locus, said “the variety will appeal to your every kink.”
Praise for the Hot Blood series
“Read Hot Blood late at night when the wind is blowing hard and the moon is full.” —Playboy
“Outstanding . . . A daring combination of sex and terror.” —Cemetery Dance magazine
“[An] aggressive and daring approach to erotic horror . . . Riveting.” —Gauntlet magazine
“See out this one (or its predecessors) for some naughty fun.” —Booklovers
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