Jeff Gelb,Michael Garrett

Deadly After Dark

A tantalizing mix of sex and horror in 14 stories from masters of the macabre, including Max Allan Collins, Jack Ketchum, Lucy Taylor, and Edward Lee.
Deadly After Dark, fourth in the genre-defining Hot Blood erotic horror anthology series, pushes the envelope the furthest yet. Two Bram Stoker nominated stories—Lucy Taylor’s searing “Thing of Which We Do Not Speak” and Edward Lee’s brilliantly grisly “Mr. Torso”—demonstrate the depth and range of the best erotic horror, and highlight a fourteen-story collection that will both arouse your senses and make your blood run cold. Other contributors include award-winning and bestselling mystery author Max Allan Collins, making an all too rare foray into the dark side of suspense, as well as pioneering work from contemporary horror master Jack Ketchum, and new fiction by both Graham Watkins and Graham Masterton. It’s no surprise Fangoria said “Deadly After Dark is a worthy continuation of a series that has yet to reach its climax.”
Praise for the Hot Blood series
“Read Hot Blood late at night when the wind is blowing hard and the moon is full.” —Playboy
“Outstanding . . . A daring combination of sex and terror.” —Cemetery Dance magazine
“Will appeal to your every kink.” —Locus
“See out this one (or its predecessors) for some naughty fun.” —Booklovers
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