A.B. Darling Little

Supernatural AB/DL Book Bundle

In this four-book-bundle, innocent young women surrender to the Alpha men who want them at their mercy completely, relying on them to do everything from feeding them with bottles, and changing their nappies, to satisfying their emotional and physical needs. In this bundle, you will find:

Little Therapy

Nessie is eighteen-years old. She shouldn't have to go to a daycare when her parents are too busy to take care of her. But she's just a weak little human in a world of werewolves and vampires and she’s too sweet and innocent to be able to make it on her own without protection.

The Werewolves’ Pup

Ella has proven time and time again that she's incapable of taking care of herself. She's eighteen-years-old and her parents at their wit's end with her. Her latest deed of delinquency is the last straw. She is sent to a Werewolf training facility where she will be bundled up in a onesie with nothing but an adult diaper strapped to her and a dummy in her mouth. She's going to be the best Pup ever.

Sweet Temptation

Everything is falling apart in Sally's life. She loses her family, then her job, her home, and then, she loses everything she owns. So, nobody can blame her for being careless and trusting her doctor to know what's best when he gives her a bunch of forms to sign.

Suddenly, she finds herself in the grasp of a Werewolf Alpha and a Vampire King, both intent on claiming her as their Little.

Total Surrender

18-year-old Millie wakes with her wrists and ankles tied. It's for her own safety, the strange doctor tells her, fangs sharp and looking at her like she's his next meal. The more she struggles, the tighter the bindings on her are. According to him, she volunteered to transform herself into a perfect Little and has been adopted by a vampire and werewolf who are eager to bring her to her new home.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Just one last thing,” Doctor Shaw says.

“The micro-chipping?”

“I'm afraid so. It might pinch a little more and she's grumpy already, so be prepared for a tantrum.”

She huffs. She's not going to throw a tantrum. But what did he mean with a micro-chip? Was it the tracking chip he had mentioned earlier? She's not some sort of animal. She doesn't need to be tracked!

“Perhaps it's best to put her in a diaper first,” Doctor Shaw recommends. “I've had a few patients…” he trails off and makes some sort of gesture with his hands that she doesn't understand.

“I'll do it,” Mr. Blair says immediately. “Shh… It's alright, darling. Daddy's just going to change you into something comfortable,” he says, pinning her wrists over her head and bending down to lick up her cheek with the flat of his tongue. The action startles her into stillness that he takes full advantage of, capturing her ankle and tugging her shoes off, and then her sock. “Daddy's gonna change you into something comfy, okay, Baby?”

He's not her Daddy. She doesn’t even know who he is!

“You'll have to bring her in for a full-body check-up before you do anything else with her,” Doctor Shaw says. “She's rather small and you are a big man, Erik.”

Erik? Is that his name? Erik Blair? The name sounds so familiar, but she can't figure out why that is because she is reeling from humiliation.

Mr. Blair frowns. “I'm not going to knot her until she's ready.”

Wait. What?
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