Sriram Ananthan

Work Smart Not Hard: Hard Work Will Never Make You Richer

Person A works at a rather low job position at a company and works day and night alike to impress the higher ups and build a reputation, yet their hard work seems to yield little reward. Person B, on the other hand, has built an empire for themselves and their business and is still left with ample time and energy to give to their family and relax. Despite putting in all of their efforts, the poor keep getting poorer while the rich get richer without putting in as much hard work. Why is that?The secret behind this seemingly unfair solution lies in how you define the word success. Does success mean putting in all the energy you have towards your goals and expecting to get a reward in return? Or is success defined by how efficiently you can achieve what you wish to without having to huff and puff and tire yourself out as you reach the finish line?Those who have already made it to the top, they know that hard work doesn’t get you what you want— smart work does. Work Smart Not Hard delves further into this topic and explores how you can turn your hard work into smart work and see immediate results.
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