Veronica Sloan

Blackmail! My Husband's Horny Twin

Sarah swears she's not a nympho, she just has a really high libido. With her husband Brad she thought she'd finally
found someone to match her sex drive, but after a year of trying to have a baby
Brad is “too tired” to keep up with her! Sarah's going to have to go
outside her marriage if she wants to get pregnant. Lucky for her Brad's got a dumb twin brother that she can seduce…or

Excerpt ~~~~~

Ryan set the drink down and laid his palms flat on the counter. “Whoa,” he said. “This is heavy.” Then he shook himself out of his reverie. “Wait. No. I can't.
This is wrong.”

“More wrong than tricking me into having sex with you?”

“That was years ago, Sarah! I
said I was sorry!”

“But you weren't really
sorry,” I said. “You were just sorry you got caught.”

“Sure,” he said.
«Absolutely. But I was caught and you threatened to kill me—or have Brad kill me—and he would be totally
within his rights to.»

“And why is that?” I said.

“Because you're his wife!
That's adultery.”

“Is it really adultery if the
person is a genetic match?”

«I…" Ryan searched his sun-baked brain for the
answer "…don't
know! Probably. Yes. I think. Sarah, why are you doing this?"

“Because making you squirm gets
me off,” I said. “And I know you want me.”

“Sarah, every man wants to you.
You're hot and smart and you've got legs that just won't quit.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“But I can't.”

I stood up. I unbound the knot in my
blouse and let it hang open over my naked belly. Then I went around the kitchen
counter and cornered Ryan against the sink. “So let me get this straight,
Ryan.” I put my hands on his chest and held myself against him, so close
that I could feel him through his swim trunks. «You were willing to have
sex with your brother's girlfriend when she didn't know it was you…because it was
naughty, because it was wrong, because of the thrill of getting caught. And now
you want me to believe that you won't take your brother's wife…because it's naughty,
because it's wrong, and because she'll let you do whatever you want?»

I felt him stiffen. “Oh, God,” he
said, looking deep into my icy blue eyes.
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