Lisa Vild

The Lone Wolf – Erotic Short Story

«Sofia feels small and light as a feather in his embrace. It‘s like all of his body work, and all of his heavy lifting has prepared him for this moment. His moans mix with hers and with the sound of sheep and the buzzing of bees. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back. A sound of complete and pure pleasure leaves her mouth.»
After being dumped one time too many, Sofia is done. She finds an old couple online that agree to swap their charming cabin in the woods for Sofia's flat in the city for the summer. In the cabin, with its kitchen garden and beautiful view of the sheep roaming the fields, she plans to forget about men and find herself. However, this is easier said than done. When she realises that her neighbour is an older and very good-looking lone wolf, she quickly forgets about her plan. Instead she spends her time in the cabin filled with burning desire and busy with desperate attempts to get close to the mystery man.
Lisa Vild is a pseudonym for a Swedish author of erotic short stories. In her stories, she explores sensitive but tantalising topics. Lisa thinks that sex should be for everyone and with her short stories she hopes to paint a normalised and nuanced picture of sex. If her stories are based on her own experience or not, we leave unsaid.
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Emma Ericson
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