Lisa Vild

The Christmas Calendar – Erotic Short Story

It is almost Christmas and Jessica couldn't care less. She doesn't have the time or the energy to celebrate it—to her, all that matters is becoming the next big journalist. Well, that was all that mattered until she received a mysterious package from a anonymous sender containing a Christmas calendar that turns her life upside down. The calender contains something completely different than chocolate.
Each day up until Christmas, Jessica opens a new sexy Christmas gift and is challenged to use it. Christmas, a holiday that Jessica has tried to avoid for years, is starting to grow on her. The month of December is filled with excitement, pleasure and a mystery, impossible to figure out. What she doesn't know is that the answer is right in front of her nose.

Lisa Vild is a pseudonym for a Swedish author of erotic short stories. In her stories, she explores sensitive but tantalising topics. Lisa thinks that sex should be for everyone and with her short stories she hopes to paint a normalised and nuanced picture of sex. If her stories are based on her own experience or not, we leave unsaid.
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Emma Ericson
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