How to Become a Successful Speaker & Presenter, Surendra Dogra 'Nirdosh'
Surendra Dogra 'Nirdosh'

How to Become a Successful Speaker & Presenter

Have you ever thought of addressing an audience and making them all listen to your speech without batting their eyelids Do you want to create a trance on all the people who are listening to your speech?

How to be A Successful Speaker presents all the necessary techniques to motivate, captivate, and persuade the audience; conquer stage fright with the help of tips and anecdotes; customize different speech for different audiences by analyzing their needs, desires, and listening modes; make your presentation memorable by developing a theme, organizing your material succinctly, and keeping your message simple; project a professional image through personality, voice, and clothes; motivate audiences to change their actions and attitudes; involve listeners busing everything from humor to eye contact and from empathy to audience participation exercises; and deal smoothly with problems and difficulties.

The book is a must read for students, management and executive personnel, supervisors, salesmen, and others who wish to improve their speaking effectiveness in their work and social relations.
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Софія Горішна
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just think that the people sitting in front of you are dupes and you are the only wise person in the room
Elena Nadybska
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You will realise that this book will not only make you a good speaker but will also help you in many other fields:
1. You will realise that the self-consciousness and hesitation in you have disappeared.
2. You will be able to present your views in a better way.
3. It can also help in your income-growth. For instance, many people have several ideas but they are not capable enough of presenting them in front of people.
4. It can increase the number of your friends as well because people always welcome a kind of person who can talk on various issues in an interesting manner.
Mandy Yap
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Abraham Lincoln said: ‘To me, a good speaker is one who uses his hand thoroughly during his speech.’

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