Alan Woodhouse

Alan Woodhouse is a voice, acting, communication, and public speaking coach. He authored A Practical Guide to Confident Speaking (2014).

Alan Woodhouse trained at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama and taught there for over 20 years. Students included Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, and Damian Lewis.

Central School of Speech & Drama offered him a scholarship to study as a Voice Coach. Now Alan Woodhouse runs a private consultancy based in London, training everyone from actors to business executives to media professionals.

Alan brings practical and effective metaphors and analogies from acting to the corporate world. He believes that every human voice is full of untapped potential.

"Belief in your own ability to communicate vocally with confidence should be part of your career plan," Woodhouse says.

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This book is for you.

We can all listen to someone else and think that in some way or other they make a better job of it than we would
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self-criticism is lethal to confident speaking
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Some techniques will need a little time and energy and patience to master, but it might surprise you how quickly you pick up some useful skills.
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