Lisa Mulaton

My Forbidden Baby: A BBW Story

My Forbidden Baby: A BBW Story

When Lauren’s best friend Sarah asks her to be a surrogate mother for her, she’s caught in a sticky situation. Sarah doesn’t know that Chris, her husband, used to be Lauren’s lover.

Putting aside her emotions to help her friend, she agrees. But when Lauren breaks down in the doctor’s office and can’t go through with it, Chris comes over to comfort her with a hidden agenda… to make sure she goes through with the impregnation, even if it means doing it his way!

Lauren has always had feelings for Chris, but she kept them hidden away after he started dating Sarah. When she finds out Chris still lusts after her, their spark threatens to start a fire that could destroy everything she cared about. Despite it all, she finds herself giving in completely to her desires and lying to her friend as she is filled with Chris’s seed and made to carry his baby!
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