Lisa Mulaton

BBW Barebacked: A Historical MMF BBW Western

When Ruby Nightingale, a curvy BBW, becomes friends with a pair of outlaws she discovers a whole new side of the town she lives in — a far cry from her normal, boring existence working for her father at the local inn. She quickly falls for them, but she knows there’s no way they could live together… That is, unless she was with child.

The outlaws are quick to take advantage of her naivety, and are more than happy to help her with her plan by taking her virginity for the first time and knocking her up. Soon she finds herself a willing captive as they ravish her virgin body at night, with her dad sleeping soundly in the next room!

This story contains explicit themes of being impregnated, threesomes, and graphic descriptions of unbridled passion from the viewpoint of a BBW.
14 páginas impresas
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Año de publicación
25 Ea
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