Glenn Lorbecki

Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools

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Pro Tools is everywhere and whether you're new to Pro Tools or an experienced user you will find Avid's latest release of PT9 to be a powerful production workstation. In ÊMixing and Mastering with Pro ToolsÊ multi-platinum engineer/producer Glenn Lorbecki shows you step by step how to achieve your best mixes using Avid's award-winning software. This complete guide to audio engines and delay compensation will unlock the full potential of PT as a professional mixing and mastering platform.ÞBy opening the closed-ended proprietary hardware loop Avid has made PT's renowned processing power available for Mac and PC systems at all levels ä not just TDM users. PT9 is the most potent version of PT ever released and given its high-tech enhancements in connectivity functionality and session portability users need a practical guide to get up and running quickly and efficiently. The Quick Pro Series cuts to the chase and gives you the best of Pro Tools at your fingertips with plenty of sessions audio examples and video assistance to guide you along the way.
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    Think Like a Mixer vs. a Tracking Engineer
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    Lack of dynamic range
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    The mix does not translate

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