Noam Chomsky,Ilan Pappe

On Palestine

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The sequel to the acclaimed Gaza in Crisis from world-famous political analyst Noam Chomsky and Middle East historian Ilan Pappé.
Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza, left thousands of Palestinians dead and cleared the way for another Israeli land grab. The need to stand in solidarity with Palestinians has never been greater. Ilan Pappé and Noam Chomsky, two leading voices in the struggle to liberate Palestine, discuss the road ahead for Palestinians and how the international community can pressure Israel to end its human rights abuses against the people of Palestine.
Praise for Gaza in Crisis by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé
“This sober and unflinching analysis should be read and reckoned with by anyone concerned with practicable change in the long-suffering region.” —Publishers Weekly
“Both authors perform fiercely accurate deconstructions of official rhetoric.” —The Guardian
Praise for Noam Chomsky . . .
“Chomsky is a global phenomenon . . . perhaps the most widely read American voice on foreign policy on the planet.” —The New York Times Book Review
“One of the radical heroes of our age . . . a towering intellect . . . powerful, always provocative.” —The Guardian
. . . and Ilan Pappé
“Ilan Pappé is Israel’s bravest, most principled, most incisive historian.” —John Pilger, journalist, writer, and filmmaker
“Along with the late Edward Said, Ilan Pappé is the most eloquent writer of Palestinian history.” —New Statesman
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    Because I think it is important to understand where the questions are coming from, and it is as important to look inside yourself, take a step back, relive your journey, pause, and realize that you too, not that long ago, may have asked the same questions of anyone engaged in working toward a better world—where equality, justice, and freedom apply to all, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, country of origin, skin color, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.
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    Chapter Ten: The Futility and Immorality of Partition in Palestine
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