Noam Chomsky,Ilan Pappe

Gaza in Crisis

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This “succinct and eye-opening collection of recent interviews and essays [presents] sober and unflinching analysis” of Gaza’s humanitarian crisis (Publishers Weekly).
While numerous books address Israel-Palestine conflict, Gaza in Crisis brings together two renowned thinkers—American activist Noam Chomsky and Israeli historian Ilan Pappé—to examine why this conflict has lasted so long, who can stop it, and how. Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, a 2008 military assault on the Gaza Strip, thrust the region to the center of the discussion. With expert knowledge and deep insight, Chomsky and Pappé survey the fallout from Israel's conduct in Gaza and place it in historical context.
This revised and expanded edition includes a new essay by Pappé called “The Ten Mythologies of Israel,” originally written for the New York session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Also included is Chomsky’s incisive essay “‘Exterminate All the Brutes’: Gaza 2009” and a dialogue between the two writers on “The Ghettoization of Palestine.”
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