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The Change in Di Navarra's Plan

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The Change in Di Navarra's Plan
The scent of success
Holly Craig once naively gave in to the practiced charms of playboy Drago Di Navarra…but now she'll prove he's met his match!
Drago never forgot the girl who betrayed him. But when he uncovers the secret she's been hiding, all of his carefully laid plans will unravel!
Unnoticed and Untouched
Putting the personal in PA!
Gold diggers are an occupational hazard for Lorenzo D'Angeli. So he extends his PA's job description to cover evening events!
Renzo loses his cool when he sees his formerly frumpy PA dressed to kill…but Faith Black knows this playboy well—she'll guard her heart fiercely!
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    butterflies swirling in her belly until she was nearly sick with it.
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    Women flowed in and out of his bed like water from a faucet.
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    Some families don’t get along,” she said.

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