Naughty Nooners

No matter what kind of erotica you like, this 15-book collection of sizzling-hot flash erotica will leave you steaming! Get down and dirty with sexy milfs, innocent virgins and the older men who lust after them, groupsex, stranger sex, and even some dubcon bdsm! There’s something for everyone in this no-holds-barred 37,000+ word anthology! What are you waiting for? Check it out right now!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Anal Surprise — Kristi hates anal sex until the magical night Lucas teaches her how amazing it really can be.

The Little Girl Next Door — Little tomboy Tori has blossomed while Nick was away at college. Now he can’t wait to be her very first lover.

Magnificent Summer — Sexy MILF Mindy gets a surprise when she realizes how much her young neighbor, Rick, has grown up…in every possible way!

Weekend Rendezvous — Tricia gets more than she bargained for when she meets her sexy cyber-buddy, Tony, for a wild weekend she’ll never forget.

Electra — When sex is part of the mission, Electra is your spy. There’s nothing she loves more than raunchy groupsex with as many men as possible!

Just Like In The Movies — Monica is appalled…then intrigued…when she catches Mathias masturbating to a racy porn movie. Why are they doing those strange things? Matt is thrilled to teach her everything!

Ghostly Lover — Penny gets an erotic thrill when a stranger’s hand starts jilling her on a crowded bus in the exotic hills of Greece.

Paradise In White — Alexa is daydreaming about finding a lusty lover when she nearly gets mowed down by a runaway skier. She loves the steamy way he wants to apologize when her wistful daydreams become a sizzling-hot reality!

A Change Of Careers — When sultry Kita asks Ray to take some nude photos of her, he realizes how much fun being a porn photographer can be.

Fireworks — Iris wants sex, and she wants it right now—even though she and Marcus are right in the middle of a big Fourth of July fireworks celebration.

Summer Suds — Luke discovers that working at a high school carwash event can be explosively fun when sexy Alicia McCloud is around!

The Chieftain’s Daughter — Annie’s village bursts into flames when barbarians attack. She tries to escape, but she’s caught and brought before the massive warlord Cassidy. She vows she’ll never surrender…but who will be the real victor and who will be the slave?

Danger Lurks In Dark Corners — Part 1 — Aime discovers the exquisite thrill of being taken hard and unprotected by two horny strangers in a darkened alley.

Danger Lurks in Dark Corners — Part 2 — Vic is on the prowl for sex when he spies pretty innocent Eve wandering lost in the park. He was just going to grab her and bang her, but he discovers that seduction makes dubcon-stranger sex even more intense!

Sexy Sample:

Quick gasping shudders rippled through her slender frame as he began to move over her, humping up and down in an erotic rhythm. Deeper he slid with every passionate lunge until he was buried to the hilt. Hot wetness burned through his brain, leaving him mindless. His hoarse panting echoed through the cave.

“More, more, more!” He didn’t know when she’d started chanting, begging him to continue. But her rising voice was like music in his ears. Fresh passion surged through him, and he kept going even though his heart felt like bursting.

Her second climax sizzled through his veins like wildfire. Grunting frantically, he stiffened and shot a huge load deep into her liquid depths. It felt like he was being torn apart nerve by nerve as she rose to meet him and her tiny feet curled around his shuddering thighs.

“I never knew, I never knew!” She was gasping the words like a song as they rolled together and came to a stop against the rough cave wall. “Oh sweet Jesus, I never knew!”
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