Teresa Sloat

Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook Vol. 2 Lunch

Enjoy Your Break! Have A Great Lunch!
The recipes in this book will entice everyone for lunch. Lunch gets us through the rest of the day. Some of these recipes consist of everyday ideas, while some are creative in the way lunch is looked at.

Prepare grilled cheese in different ways to get your appetite satisfied. Hamburgers are a great lunch item; they can be made with several different ground meats. Pizzas are a must for a quick lunch. The versatile cast iron skillet can be used for our traditional foods and for the recipes we want to try. You can cook anything from pork to beef and have a great meal waiting for you at lunch.

Many of these can be prepared ahead of time and heated up at the office. Brown bagging is back in style. Throw you in some fruit and a drink and you are set. Your co-workers will be envious of the delectable meals you are bringing. It may get them into cast iron skillet cooking also.

Get ready to prepare some great lunches with this recipe collection. Whether for home or for work, these recipes will be sure to please.

If You Loved Volume 1, This Volume 2 Will Wow You!
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