Teresa Sloat

Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook Box Set

Enjoy Quick And Tasty meals In Your Cast Iron Skillet!
Get these 4 books packaged in 1!
From breakfast to lunch, dinner, desserts and side sides, the delicious meals you can cook in your cast iron skillet are so limitless and this box set simplifies it all for you.
In book 1, the breakfast recipes contained will help you prepare tasty and healthy breakfast those early mornings when you need to quickly put a great meal together before dashing off for the day.  You will be able to create some new tempting dishes as quickly as you can.
In book 2, the lunch recipes are so enticing. Some of these recipes consist of everyday ideas, while some are creative in the way lunch is looked at. Get ready to prepare some great lunches with this recipe collection. Whether for home or for work, these recipes will be sure to please. Enjoy your Break by having A Great Lunch!
In book 3, the recipes collected are dinner greats! There is the classic fried chicken and cornbread to exotic meals from around the world. Ethnic recipes are a must in any kitchen! Take your pick of the dinner recipe you wish to cook for your friends and family. Have a small dinner party or a cozy dinner for you and your spouse!
In book 4, the desserts created are easy and contain mostly normal staples of the kitchen cupboard. The side dishes are also staples found in your kitchen with added seasonal vegetables. Side dishes are the creation of the cook. Make ahead or at the time of the meal. Either way, the dishes will turn out wonderful.
So why store away your cast iron skillet when it’s all you need to enjoy delicious meals?
Get Out Your Skillet, Dust It Off And Oil It. Let’s Get Ready To Cook Some Delicious Meals.
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