William Thacker

Charm Offensive

‘A strange book, but its strangeness is what keeps you turning the pages.’ Jennifer Johnston

 ‘I'm always a sucker for redemption stories but this one is really highly entertaining, life-affirming and — yes — charming. On this evidence, William Thacker is a name you will hear a lot more often.' Matt Haig  

On reflection, he should probably continue with the plan. The plan was to get away, wasn't it? What made him deviate from the plan? It was all the things that came in between. He just needs to keep going.

When retired politician Joe Street is named in a tabloid media slur, he carries out a last-ditch attempt to resurrect his marriage and undo the damage from the lie. With a cheap PR consultant in tow, Joe is reintroduced to a world of empty sound bites and media appearances — a world he would rather forget.

His PR campaign takes a turn for the worse and Joe sets out to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter. Together, they commit themselves to a challenge that will help right their wrongs.
In spite of his regeneration, Joe discovers that nothing is ever easy. With his fragile reputation on the line, his past continues to chase him. Joe finds himself on a journey of self-discovery, of redemption, but most importantly, of finding hope once more.
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