Dennis Wheatley

Gateway to Hell

The door was not locked, and opened easily. He switched on the light, and Richard followed him into the room. Nella lay on the bed. She had on the nightdress she had been lent, but the bedclothes had been pulled halfway down. Her head was twisted back grotesquely. Her mouth gaped open and her tongue had been cut out. It had been carefully placed in the valley between her naked breasts.The Duke de Richleau and his friends had faced many dangers in Russia, Spain and Nazi Germany. Now, a new and unexpected menace confronts them: the fourth member of their group, Rex van Ryn, is missing – and he has made off with more than a million dollars from the Buenos Aires branch of his family bank.Behind the conventional courtesy of Argentinian society lies a conspiracy of terror and silence – and a trail that leads straight to the Devil himself . . .
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