Patricia Snel

The Expat

Dutch expat Julia de Rijck uses husband Paul's telescope to spy on Dave across the pool in their luxury Singapore condominium. Despite their mutual attraction there is something about the man that makes Julia uneasy. When Dave's maid, Angelica, dies in suspicious circumstances, Julia gets pulled into a world of secrets and discovers a less visible Singapore of exploitation and prostitution.

The Expat is a gripping story of greed, love, infidelity and crime in Singapore.
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    In spite of the fact that it was still the rainy season, which started around December and lasted through March, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. This was a rare occurrence because Singapore had 271 thunderstorms per year. And these weren’t anything like the silly little rain showers typical in the Netherlands; no, these were brute-force thunder-and-lightning shows with raindrops as big as ping-pong balls. The streets could be flooded in a matter of seconds. With an average humidity of eighty percent and a temperature of thirty de
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    degrees, the heat felt heavier and more unbearable than 40 degrees in the desert. Expat women always complained about their hair here, how frizzy it always was, and how it felt like a bale of hay. As Carice always said, ‘In Singapore, every day is a bad hair day.’
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    ‘Watch out for that housekeeper of yours. Before you know it–’
    ‘Mum,’ Julia interrupted.

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