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Tara West

Poets Are Eaten as a Delicacy in Japan

Poets are Eaten as a Delicacy in Japan opens as thirty-year-old Tommie Shaw is shown a newspaper report by her Dettol-huffing sister Georgie, revealing that their estranged mother, Gloria, is set to expose the family's sad and sordid history in a scandalous new memoir. What follows is a hilarious and touching black comedy, as Tommy and Georgie's panic spirals and they clamber to control Gloria, while dealing with the painful legacy of their childhood in an eccentric Irish commune.
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  • Sashi miranticompartió una citahace 2 meses
    I hated poetry. I loathed poets. It was a book of love poems, graphically describing the man’s proclivities and depravities, which he’d only just discovered now that he’d left his wife of thirty-six years for his new muse. It was a hit with poetry lovers and lovers alike

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