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The Baby Bedtime Book

Looking for a baby sleep book like no other for a contented baby and happy child? Then look no further! The Baby Bedtime Book – Say Goodnight to Sleepless nights! is not just another parenting expert writing another parenting guide. It covers so much more than routines. This gentle sleep guide provides a friendly, fun, informative and practical approach in tackling sleep problems in little ones from birth right up to pre-teens! The Baby Bedtime Book teaches parents how to deal with common sleep problems, how to survive the sleep deprived days and how to say goodnight to sleepless nights. An invaluable resource for parents of young children, The Baby Bedtime Book is THE book thousands of parents are waiting for! With hundreds of parents using the authors 'Childcare is Fun' advice service every week, this book is already in high demand. Already the author has helped thousands of parents worldwide say goodnight to sleepless nights. Let her help you too
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