Hugh Prather

The Little Book of Letting Go

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Find the Key to Happiness in Letting GoShed what weighs you down. From long-harbored guilt to deep-rooted prejudices, many of us bear the weight of harmful tendencies in our daily lives. Whether we realize it or not, these things are actively holding us back from the happiness we long to attain. In this inspirational book, minister and counselor Hugh Prather provides a guide for mental cleansing. It is only in ridding our minds of the fear and judgments we cling to that we open the door for happiness.
Embrace opportunities as they come. The more we hold on to, the less room we have to take on more. If our minds are clouded by negativity, then we aren’t facing each day with the openness that it deserves. By facing each moment with enthusiasm, we pave the path for positive thinking and make the most out of every opportunity that comes our way.
Practical exercises and lasting tools. Changing how we think takes practice. This is why Prather doesn’t just tell us that it’s important to let go—he shares with his readers simple steps for how to go about letting go of things that hold us back. Through learning from Prather’s shared experiences and adopting the practices he offers, we can find happiness, peace, and a chance at spiritual renewal.
Read a copy of Hugh Prather’s The Little Book of Letting Go today and discover…
A simple 3-step process for letting goA 30-day plan for spiritual renewalPersonal stories from Prather about his own journeyReaders of Letting Go: The Pathway of SurrenderIt’s All Under ControlThe Art of Happiness, or Love is Letting Go of Fear will love The Little Book of Letting Go.
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    No one has ever been made more sensitive or more thoughtful by being judged, bullied, or frightened. Putting pressure on others doesn't change their hearts. It merely engages us in a pointless conflict that splits our mind and muddles our emotions.
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    Make your state of mind more important than what you are doing.
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    Not only do we give people a piece of our mind, we give them a piece of our happiness, wholeness, focus, and sometimes, a piece of our health.

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