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101 Champagnes and other Sparkling Wines

Whether you love prosecco, cava, cremant or champagne, the UK’s love for all drinks sparkling and fizzy shows no sign of abating!
Sparkling wine sales have increased by 76% in the last 5 years, and whatever your tipple, a delicious glass of fizz is no longer restricted to special anniversaries or occasions but is drunk all year round.
This new book from wine expert David Zyw is sure to become the definitive guide to the best bubbles available.
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    with a higher proportion of older vintage wines in the blend, so the wine style is richer, more flavoursome and complex. Paired with Krug’s famous use of oak barrels, this means that Krug’s style is one of the richest expressions of champagne there is. Krug houses the most diverse range of reserve wines in the whole of Champagne with access to over 150 wines spanning 10 vintages. With obsessive attention to detail and unfaltering patience, Olivier Krug (Joseph’s great-great-grandson) creates wines which are some of the best in the region, and some of the most prestigious. Krug is expensive, it is bottled time, and it’s worth it.

    Type: Champagne, brut, multi-vintage
    Style: Lemon meringue pie
    Price: £££
    Stockists: High street
    Food: Sourdough pizza with smoked mozzarella
    Occasion: Buying your first flat (if you have any money left)
    Website: www.lansonchampagne.com
    Tasting note: Notes of biscuit, shortbread and almonds smash into lemon, spun sugar and ripe apples. Intense and long, with sweet citrus, spice pineapple, samurai freshness and almond croissant notes – this is a champagne of incredible quality
    Natasa Salaicompartió una citahace 2 años

    IT DOESN’T GET MORE SPECIAL THAN KRUG: THE MOST EXPENSIVE, stylish and most luxurious champagne house there is. Krug is the undisputed king of champagne; all hail. And it is a well-known aphrodisiac to boot! But considering the lofty mystique Krug now enjoys, the story started from humble beginnings.
    German born Joseph Krug moved to France as a young man and cut his teeth working for Jacquesson Champagne. He was not content with the variable, inconsistent style produced in each vintage, and left at the age of 42 to create a champagne which didn’t yet exist: his own Champagne Krug.
    The variants in the weather mean that style and quality drastically alter from one year to the next. Joseph’s philosophy was craftsmanship without compromise; his goal was to produce the best champagne there had ever been, without the restrictions of vintage variation. He wanted to create a cuvée which was the best expression of champagne, every year without fail. What he achieved revolutionised champagne forever, and the Krug Champagne style is not only evident in bottles of Krug today, but in every house that produces multi-vintage styles.
    Krug’s non-vintage champagne contains a spread of different vintages
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    Brut nature / Zero dosage / Ultra brut: 0–2.5g sugar per bottle

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