Fashion Illustration 1920–1950, Walter T.Foster
Walter T.Foster

Fashion Illustration 1920–1950

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Comprehensive and user-friendly, this volume combines four vintage instructional manuals by Walter T. Foster, the world-famous art teacher and publisher. In addition to explaining the principles of figure drawing, it provides a handy retrospective of fashions for men, women, and children from the first half of the twentieth century. This authentic guide to vintage styles features a splendid range of apparel, from ladies' lingerie and evening gowns to men's business suits and children's play clothes. Artists at every level of experience will benefit from tips on portraying figures in motion and at rest, along with advice on accurate renditions of clothing folds and patterns. Step-by-step drawings with helpful comments explain a variety of techniques, including pencil, pen, wash, and opaque.
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Tanya Rya
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Отличное пособие по скетчу, многообразие поставок! Стильно.

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